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Episode six: Annette Nazareth, operating lead, Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets
US attorney and former US Securities and Exchange Commissioner, Annette Nazareth shares with the Green Finance Institute's Helen Avery what those working in finance and in nature can expect as a global voluntary carbon offset market takes shape. Annette talks about the components of creating markets, as well as her hopes for climate finance.
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Episode five: John Elkington, author and chief pollinator, Volans
What would it take for us to shift to a regenerative economy? John Elkington, founder and chief pollinator at Volans and author of the recent book Green Swans: The coming boom in regenerative capitalism talks to host Helen Avery at the Green Finance Institute about the urgent need for a new approach to capitalism, and the investment, leadership and partnerships needed to have an economy that works for planet and people.
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