Please find below links to websites, reports and articles that discuss nature and finance. These are regularly updated and shared in the monthly GFI Hive newsletter.

Report: Natural Capital, the Battle for Control

Date Published: January, 2022
Green Alliance's report highlights natural capital investment opportunities and challenges within the UK farming sector, providing a helpful source for the finance sector looking to work with farming communities - while drawing attention to potential risks posed by the emergence of natural capital markets.

Tool: An Investor Framework for Nature-based Solutions

Date Published: December, 2021
Chatham House's Sustainability Accelerator has developed (through consulting with the finance sector) a learning tool to facilitate the inclusion of nature-based solutions within comprehensive portfolio decarbonization strategies. The framework outlines the drivers of risk and return when analyzing prospects for investing in nature-based solutions - initially focusing on forests.

Website: Nature Finance Impact Hub

Consultancy Accelar’s Nature Finance Impact Hub launched in October 2021 and offers free registration to access a map of international (and UK) investment deals and funds. It also provides information on ecosystem services, impacts and returns.

Report: Finance Gap for UK Nature Report

Date Published: October 2021
GFI commissioned environmental economics consultancy, eftec, to assess the finance gap for key nature targets for the UK over the decade ahead. The report highlights a £44 billion to £97 billion gap for the UK and breaks out the gap by region and also by habitat and nature goal ie. clean water, natural flood management, biodiversity protection.

Report: CPIC Conservation Finance 2021 Report

Date published: September 2021
CPIC’s inaugural conservation finance report highlights useful data such as deal types, average deal size and investor types within its conservation finance investment universe. It also includes a handful of case studies, and discusses the challenges and recommendations for growing private investment in nature.

Report: A Market Review of Nature-Based Solutions

Date Published: May 2021
This report from the Green Purposes Company and Finance Earth lays out clearly NbS investments by type and offers short summaries of several transactions including their expected returns. It also provides aggregated data from 88 transactions to show sector investment by ecosystem, investor type and geographical location of deals. Finally the report offers a set of recommendations to grow private investment in NbS.

Report: State of Finance for Nature

Date Published: May 2021
This UNEP report urges a tripling of investment in NbS before 2030 from current estimates of $133 billion in yearly flows. It discusses opportunities to scale up investment using policy levers and public sector funding as a derisking tool. The report also offers snippets of international financing solutions and a list of recommendations.

Report: Unlocking Investments in Regenerative Agriculture

Date Published: May 2021
This report from CREO - a group of family offices and wealth owners - offers many interesting case studies of investment opportunities within regenerative agriculture in the US with other examples from Brazil and the Netherlands. The appendix offers a list of regenerative agriculture funds globally.

Report: Dasgupta Review: A Pathway for Action for the Financial Sector

Date Published: May 2021
GFI convened and consulted with over 40 representatives from banks, asset managers, asset owners, standard setters and conservation finance specialists to respond to the Dasgupta Review’s findings. The result is set of recommendations from the sector that focus on assessing nature-related risk and driving investment into nature. The report offers several short case studies of investments in nature in addition to broader examples where the finance sector is supporting a nature-positive transition.

Report/Book: The Little Book of Investing in Nature

Date Published: January 2021
Global Canopy’s Little Book of Investing in Nature identifies steps towards generating, delivering and realigning finance for biodiversity, as well as highlighting the need to avoid investments in activities that damage the natural resources we depend on. It features more than 40 mechanisms and 25 case studies of investment projects (some purely public sector, some private and some blended finance).

Report: Facilitating Local Natural Capital Investment: Literature Review

Date Published: January 2021
Finance Earth and eftec produced this literature review and report for NatureScot that highlights different financing models for nature and ecosystem services. It offers helpful descriptions and examples of various models such as environmental impact bonds, local nature bonds and timberland investment management organisations and discusses how these could be adapted to Scotland’s nature investment aspirations.

Report: Financing Nature: Closing the Biodiversity Finance Gap

Date Published: October 2020
This extensive and detailed report from the Paulson Institute, Nature Conservancy and Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability discusses in detail the estimated investment in biodiversity globally ($124bn to $143bn as of 2019). It also highlights the global finance gap for biodiversity and the financial and policy mechanisms to help close the gap including examples of current models and supportive policies.

Report: Scottish £1 bn Investment Routemap

Date Published: January 2020
Over a period of months the Scottish Wildlife Trust and SEPA brought together multiple stakeholders including the finance sector to develop a set of investment ideas for nature restoration and nature-based solutions for Scotland.

Report: Emerging Funding Opportunities for the Natural Environment

Date Published: February 2020
This report carried out by Finance Earth (formerly Environmental Finance) and commissioned by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation highlights investment opportunities in natural capital across the UK by habitat.