Useful Resources

Report: Managing Carbon Assets from Investments in Nature Climate Solutions

Date Published: April, 2022
In this paper, New Forests provides investors with guidance on managing carbon through greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting for the land sector or through nature-based carbon credits and the intersection of these approaches with emerging net zero standards. This guidance seeks to support investors’ understanding of how to integrate sustainable landscape management with optimised returns, climate impact, and portfolio decarbonisation.

Report: Opportunities for Growing Investment in Preserving our Natural Heritage and Supporting Nature Recovery

Date Published: March, 2022
The UK National Lottery Heritage Fund commissioned Finance Earth to review the state of green finance for nature restoration in the UK. This report offers deep insights into the barriers and solutions to financing nature.

Report: Scaling Investments in Nature

Date Published: February, 2022
This report from the World Economic Forum lays out suggestions for scaling private investment in nature. It highlights several best practices of companies, and touches on financing models. It also points to where governments can play a more supportive role.

Report: The State of Finance for Nature in the G20

Date Published: January, 2022
This report attempts to capture the complete amount and future need for G20 country spending on nature-based solutions assets and activities. It calls for G20 countries to scale-up annual nature-based solutions spending to $285 billion by 2050, and provides recommendations to align development and economic recovery with nature goals through setting quantifiable monetary objectives, governance and policy options, and devices to facilitate systemic changes to meet this investment gap.