Useful Resources

Report: Natural Capital, the Battle for Control

Date Published: January, 2022
Green Alliance's report highlights natural capital investment opportunities and challenges within the UK farming sector, providing a helpful source for the finance sector looking to work with farming communities - while drawing attention to potential risks posed by the emergence of natural capital markets.

Tool: An Investor Framework for Nature-based Solutions

Date Published: December, 2021
Chatham House's Sustainability Accelerator has developed (through consulting with the finance sector) a learning tool to facilitate the inclusion of nature-based solutions within comprehensive portfolio decarbonization strategies. The framework outlines the drivers of risk and return when analyzing prospects for investing in nature-based solutions - initially focusing on forests.

Website: Nature Finance Impact Hub

Consultancy Accelar’s Nature Finance Impact Hub launched in October 2021 and offers free registration to access a map of international (and UK) investment deals and funds. It also provides information on ecosystem services, impacts and returns.

Report: Finance Gap for UK Nature Report

Date Published: October 2021
GFI commissioned environmental economics consultancy, eftec, to assess the finance gap for key nature targets for the UK over the decade ahead. The report highlights a £44 billion to £97 billion gap for the UK and breaks out the gap by region and also by habitat and nature goal ie. clean water, natural flood management, biodiversity protection.