Useful Resources

Report: Financing UK Nature Recovery Coalition's Recommendations and Roadmap

Date Published: June, 2022
The Financing Nature Recovery UK Recommendations and Roadmap set out how to make the UK am attractive market for nature-based investment to help drive nature recovery. The overall report outlines how to unlock existing barriers and deliver high-integrity environmental markets that drive private investment and nature recovery across the UK. It sets out a framework to modernise regulation, leverage public expenditure and secure large-scale private investment in nature and biodiversity each year by 2030.

Report: Blue Carbon: The potential of coastal and oceanic climate action

Date Published: May, 2022
McKinsey’s new report, Blue Carbon: The potential of coastal and economic climate action, sizes Blue Carbon nature based solutions and measures their impacts, costs, and likely access to future funding. It highlights the latest scientific research and estimates abatement or conservation potential on a 2050 timeline. Deep dives on kelp reforestation and bottom trawling show how economies of scale in these emerging solutions could help reduce costs. The report also comments on the potential of blue carbon credit sales. 

Report: Managing Carbon Assets from Investments in Nature Climate Solutions

Date Published: April, 2022
In this paper, New Forests provides investors with guidance on managing carbon through greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting for the land sector or through nature-based carbon credits and the intersection of these approaches with emerging net zero standards. This guidance seeks to support investors’ understanding of how to integrate sustainable landscape management with optimised returns, climate impact, and portfolio decarbonisation.

Principles: Scottish Government PInterim Principles for Responsible Investment in Natural Capital

Date Published: March, 2022
The Scottish Government has set out six principles that set out their ambitions and expectations for a high-integrity market for responsible private investment in natural capital. This is targeted towards communities, investors, land owners, public bodies and other market stakeholders.